Life is lived in the interruptions. The moments of pause, outside of our plans, that allow space for something new.

The interplay of different ideas constantly roil in my mind. Voices from twitter have conversations with the books on my shelves. Ah ha! They say. And how do we fit together?

And what I see initially on the surface is never the whole story. I try to follow the crevices, listen to those who have gone before, and go underneath to examine the systems at play. The breadth of the iceberg emerges.

Enter the idea of the Interrupting Iceberg. The notion of being open to the interruption and disruption of new ways of seeing with the understanding that there is always more to be explored under the surface.

The idea for Interrupting Iceberg developed as I attempted to choose a website name where I could practice my writing. Two years ago.

Current consensus in the blogging world is that blogs need to be focused on a micro-niche. Find your small corner of the world and be an expert there. There’s a time and a place for that. But not now and not for me.

For me to choose one topic is like asking a squirrel to pick her favourite acorn. How could I possibly pick one and ignore the others? There are so many subjects squirreled away. Select only one? Instant paralysis.

So let’s pretend this isn’t a blog. It’s just me, processing, with you. Interrupting Iceberg is a place for deep dives into anything fascinating.

It will lead in different directions. I can guarantee it won’t stay focused on one micro-niche. Storytelling and filmmaking. Climate change and seeds of change. Dogs, drawing, and diplomacy – international or middle school – may all find their way here.

This is not a place of absolutes or definitive answers. This is a place for process instead of product, for deep dives instead of quick acceptance, and for wrestlings instead of certainty. There will probably be yelling into the void.  

I welcome insights and questions. Conversations add more fodder for contemplation. Send me an email or leave a comment. Just be prepared for a lengthy reply a month later after the ideas have percolated and I’ve thought at depth.

Welcome to the alternating murky and crystal clear world of my mind. I am honoured that you would join me on this journey.